My Mongodb upgrade, or not -ish

So I have been using Mongodb for years now, since I started on V3 of my (Unoffical) BnS API back in 2017 and it has served me well.
it was my first foray into databases in general and for my needs at teh time it suited me perfectly – I could dump in json elements in and pull them out as I required.
This also served me well for my Gw2 API parser and most things I have done up to now.

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Welcome all

It has been quite a while since I had a place of my own like this.
About two years ago I had (dont go there now), a free domain and free hosting. That experiment didn’t go too well, it couldn’t cope with much traffic and was fickle.
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Eventually everything comes to an end. Yet there is always something new.

Hi all!

I haven’t updated my spreadsheet in a long time, nor have I posted here, I have been a bit preoccupied with my internship. My internship is mostly based around data, spreadsheets and increasing efficiency, its right up my alley. But the downside is that I havent had a huge amount of free time lately to work on my own projects. Here is a rundown of what I am doing:

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